Panda kaal muhurtham

In India, there are many traditions associated with weddings. It is customary to perform various rituals at home from the day of the engagement until the end of the marriage. The most important of these rituals is the planting of mukurttakal(முகூர்த்தக்கால்). This is called Panda kaal planting(பந்தக்கால் நடுவது). One such tradition is the Panda kaal Muhurtham.

panda kaal muhurtham

This planting ceremony is usually held in their homes with close family members at the time of Brahma Muhurtham before the wedding.

Panda kaal muhurtham procedure

This involves a small puja, For the ceremony, the wedding party brings home a bamboo pole and remove the leaves from it, which is washed with a mixture of milk and clean water and then rubbed with turmeric and sandalwood, finally tie mango leaves with yellow rope at the end of the tree. The elder of the house should take all the relatives and place the tree where it should be planted, then break the coconut and make sambarani camphor for it. Pour water and milk with the grain under it and put water, sandalwood, and saffron on the tree.

It is then decorated with mango leaves, stems and leaves of the banana plant, colorful flowers, and sometimes sprinkled with rose water.

The final action involves Aarti with coconut breaking and camphor. The couple is then blessed by the elders of the family. 

Panda kaal muhurtham procedure

Do not participate in mourning ceremonies

Both the spouses should not participate in any mourning ceremonies till the end of the marriage after the Panda Kaal planting ceremony.

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