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Wedding Website Domain Registration

Registering a custom domain for your wedding website is one of the best impressions of your wedding. Domain registration cost Rs. 650 only - which includes domain registration, hosting process, and 12 months of maintenance and No additional charges.

Create your personalized domain for your wedding website

Personal Domain registration - FAQs

1. I am registered as a free subscriber, but I would like to register a new domain for my wedding website. Does this apply?

Yes, you can register your favorite domain for your wedding website.

2. What is the validity period of my own domain name?

Yes, Your domain is valid for one year.

3. How much does my personal domain cost?

For each personal domain costs INR. 650.00, which includes domain registration, hosting process and 12 months of maintenance.

4. What do I get when I register my personal wedding domain?

When you purchase a domain from us, our technical team takes care of everything related to the website. All you have to do is wait for our technical team to register the domain, set up the website and share the link with you.

5. What's the waiting period to view and share my wedding website?

Your website is our first priority. You have to wait a maximum of 3 hours for your domain name.

6. I have already shared my free wedding website address to my friends and family. If I buy a private domain, will that link still work?

Yes, that link will continue to work. However, you can share your new wedding website link with your friends and family.

7. I searched for a domain, but someone has already registered the domain.
Is there any way to get it?

We can discuss the alternatives. Please contact us for this.

8. I already have a domain I want to use with my wedding website. Can you set it up for me?

Yes, we provide an integrated source for your wedding website. You just place the source in the root file.

9. A registered domain is not something I want! Can I get my money back?

We register the domain only after your approval. Therefore, we cannot reverse this. If you would like to register another domain, we would be most glad to help you.

10. Can I get Control Panel, FTP Control for this domain?

Since we only charge the domain price, you will only get your domain url.