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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions or concerns about the wedding website

The wedding website is a collection of pages, that are used to communicate all your wedding details in one place. You can share wedding details, event locations, integrate location maps, hotel accommodation, and much more. You can add wedding photos and videos for those who were unable to attend.

Yes, Registration at it's free for all users. You can browse a comprehensive list of free samples and create your exclusive wedding website. provides freemium services to all users., A dedicated service designed to give you a sense of the premium services available on, and determine which package suits your needs.
Freemium subscription (free users) allows users to access all services for 20 days. The Premium Package features are free for the first 5 days. however, you can access your invitation for 20 days free (with free membership features).

Yes, even free users can access premium membership features. But it is valid for 5 days. From the 6th day onwards, all your premium membership features will be converted to free membership features. However, your website is available with free subscription features.

Yes, you can change your favorite wedding themes at any time. We have no restrictions.

Yes, our wedding themes will support your own background images. We are happy with these features and your wedding website will look great with your cozy background image.

No, even for free users they can upload unlimited photo albums.

Yes, of course, you can use your background songs for your website.

Yes, Your background songs will play automatically on PC/Desktop systems.
But you need to manually click the Play button on the mobile versions (IPAD, iOS and Android). This is because the user may be on the cellular network and charged per unit of data, so by default autoplay features have been disabled for mobile versions.

Yes, your background music will continue to run smoothly without any interruptions during page navigation on both PC and mobile versions.

Yes, we have the facilities to create your own pages with a clear description and your profile pictures.

Yes, By default all wedding blessings will be displayed on your wedding website. If you want to block some blessings, no problem. You can block blessings from your wedding administrator page. allows 3 different wedding websites per account. All your websites get the same validity / features based on your package selection.
Even free users also can able to create 3 wedding websites.

Of course, we won't put any ads on your wedding pages, even for free users.