Wedding tips for groom

It’s time to celebrate your wedding festival. Usually wedding celebrations are considered as a grand festival in India, it is important that everything should be a perfect on your big day, even we would have to spent more concentrations on smallest things. Keeping track of so many aspects of wedding it’s not possible, so preparing a checklist for your wedding has to simplify your work and you don’t miss anything on your big day.

Fix the budget:

Budget – Now a day’s couples are delay setting their budget, because they hate talking about money. But this will determine size, locations and pretty much every single element when corporate into your big day. So fix your budget and plan your wedding style according your budget.

Set the date:

After congratulation’s, let me see your ring. Trust me, the people will ask you first question, when is your wedding? So the first and important thing we have to plan the wedding date of the actual ceremony. In India, the wedding date are decided with help of astrology. So you would need to discuss with your family astrologer, to get the list of few good dates for the same time and you can choose any date with all your availability.

Pick your wedding style:

Just close your eyes, and imagine your fantasy wedding. Is it a romantic candlelit ceremony in a hotel, are you working bisect on beach, is it modern, classic, romantic, traditional, vintage or all out glam. Spent some time gathering inspirations to figure out exactly what you want? And what you don’t want?

Select a venue for your wedding ceremony:

Once you have finalised the wedding date, you need to confirm wedding venue and just make sure it will be comfortable with all your guests. In India most of wedding places have booked very advance. So you have to book your wedding venue well advance and keep budget on your mind. It should be meet your budget.

Start planning your guest list:

Every person that was really important to us, we wanted to meet them, we wanted to shake their hand and get up a little sense of them, so we had some party couple days before the wedding so that everybody could enjoy the moments.

So discuss with your fiancee, Plan your guest list for your wedding ceremony.

Lock your caterer:

Food and decorations’ is one of the most important part of wedding ceremonies and it requires your special attention. Usually the best caterer is super busy during in the wedding session. So make sure you should book your favourite caterer as earliest possible.

Jewellery and clothing:

My suggestion we should follow same order. You always pick your wedding jewellery first and select your cloth to match. Because jewellery is the must bigger investment right?

Remember some common checklists:

Have you book your hair makeup artist? It’s really important to do trail before making the final decision. Have you thought about invitations, Gifts, Flowers, Pundit, Bands, and Choreographer’s? From your side you have to invite your friends, family members, guests. – It’s all super important part of wedding ceremony.

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