Wedding tips for the grooms

  • It's time to celebrate your wedding. Usually, wedding celebrations are considered as a big festival in India. It is important that everything should be perfect on your big day, so you need to be very careful even on small things. Keeping track of so many aspects of the wedding it’s not possible, so preparing a checklist for your wedding should make your job easier and you will not miss anything on your big day.
  • Plan your budget

  • Nowadays, couples are delay in setting their budget, because they hate talking about money. But it will determine the size, location, and every element when corporate on your big day. So fix your budget and plan your wedding style according to your budget.
  • Set the date

  • After congratulations, let me see your engagement ring. Trust me, people will ask you the first question, when is your wedding? So the wedding date of the ceremony is the first and most important thing you need to plan. In India, the wedding date is determined with the help of astrology. So you should consult with your family astrologer to get the list of wedding dates and then you can choose your wedding date based on your convenience.
  • Choose your wedding style

  • Just close your eyes and imagine your wedding. It’s a romantic candlelight ceremony at a hotel, are you working bisect on the beach, be it a modern, classic, romantic, traditional or vintage. Have you spent some time figuring out exactly what you want? What you don’t want?
  • Choose a venue for your wedding

  • Once you have finalized the wedding date, you need to confirm the wedding venue and make sure that the chosen venue is comfortable for all your guests. Most of the wedding places in India are booked in well advance. So don’t wait, once you have finalized the wedding date, you need to book the wedding venue based on your requirement.
  • Start planning your guest list

  • Every person was really important to us, we wanted to meet them, we wanted to shake their hands and get up a little sense of them. We had some party a couple of days before the wedding, so everyone could enjoy the moments.

    So consult with your fiance without delay and prepare a guest list for your wedding.
  • Register your favorite food provider

  • Food and decorations are one of the most important parts of a wedding ceremony and it requires your special attention. Usually, the best caterer will be super busy during the wedding session. So make sure you register your favorite food providers as much as possible.
  • Jewellery and clothing

  • My recommendation is to follow the same order. You should always choose your jewellery set first and choose your dress to match. Because jewellery is the biggest investment isn't?
  • Remember the common checklists

  • Have you booked your Hair Makeup Artist? It is very important to do a trial before making a final decision. Have you thought about invitations, gifts, flowers, pundits, bands, and choreographers? From your side, you should invite your friends, family, and guests. - This is the most important part of the wedding ceremony.
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