Preparing a guest list for the wedding ceremony

Every person was really important to us. We wanted to meet them, we wanted to shake their hands, we wanted to spend some time with them. So we have planned some party's two days before the wedding so that everyone can enjoy the moments.

I’m really so excited to prepare the guest list because I personally felt it was kind of hard and I was worried about who to invite. I had an old set of people, I have new people in my life and I want to spend some time with them on that big day. So this is kind of the hardest thing for me, and now I want to figure out how to do it.

If you have no problem with your budget, you are going to invite all your guests, because in general, peoples try to reduce the guest list based on budget.

1. Have you talked to this person in the last year? If you have talked to a person in the past year they must be invited.

2. Would you ever spent time with this person outside of the work, if you have spent time with them out of the work, they must be invited.

3. Does this person has invited you to their wedding? if your answer is yes, You should return the favor and invite them to your wedding.

4. Can you imagine your big day without him or her, it was really a challenge. If you can not imagine that day without them, you should invite them to the wedding.

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